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customer portrait with grey lead hemp curtains

Jonathan's home

Lead, Hemp

Jonathan, originally from Sheffield, has been a long-term renter in London for 15 years before he purchased his first home in Hackney.

Jonathan’s flat is south-facing with five full height windows so he needed curtains that would celebrate and frame them perfectly. Take a look inside his home…

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About Jonathan's Curtains

Fabric Lead, Hemp

Feel Modern

Room Type Bedroom

His fabric choice

Lead, Hemp

A home grown, feel-good fabric with a natural-looking texture, it comes in a range of nature-inspired colours and adds a rugged elegance to any room.

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clean black interior living room grey hemp curtains in study room close up of grey curtain stitching close up of white linen curtain on black metal pole

Jonathan opted for double layer made to measure curtains. The sheer linen provides shade from the sun but means that he can still gaze out and make the most of the beautiful city views. Sustainability is hugely important for Jonathan, one of the reasons why Stitched fabrics were the perfect fit!

He’s also a big fan of architecture, urbanism and great design - - - especially mid-century. Having his own space meant that he has been able to bring these passions alive throughout the whole flat. Jonathan used a modern paint scheme and chose art that would complement vintage furnishings with beautiful textures. Choosing the same fabrics for his living room, bedroom and study gives a sense of continuity throughout his home. You could also try made to measure blinds.

Sheer, in White Linen

White Linen, Sheer

Jonathan has added a second layer of curtains to give him privacy during the day whilst still maximising natural light into his home.

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Jonathan's Sample Pack

Before he made a decision, Jonathan ordered some free fabric samples. Here's a selection of what he picked.