Winemaker whose job has him crisscrossing the globe between London and Australia.


Ed splits his time between the lush vineyards and golden beaches of the Mornington Peninsula and the bustling streets of Soho, London. When decorating his London studio flat, he wanted to create a warm, uplifting and peaceful space that reflected the lush and verdant surroundings of Mornington. Ed was really taken by Upcycled Silk, Antique Green a wool, flax, recycled silk blend fabric with natural character and tones. Ed's vibrant Antique Green blinds transformed his studio into an oasis of calm in the middle of the chaos of London.

Upcycled Silk, Antique Green

Roman blinds are perfect for covering flat windows outside a recess. Folding in neat and sumptuous pleats, when open they let in maximum natural light into your room and are perfect for a modern airy look.

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