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Gemma's home

Peppermint Dreams , Upcycled Cotton

Gemma shares with us her path into interiors and how she creates a warm and welcoming home. Gemma chose Upcycled Cotton for her dining room curtains.

Gemma set out to create a home that was full of personality. Let’s take a look - - -

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About Gemma's Curtains

Fabric Peppermint Dreams , Upcycled Cotton

Feel Traditional

Room Type Dining Room

What do you do out in the world? I started as a Primary school teacher but I am now a ‘stay at home’ mum and also run a property portfolio which allows me to create content for interior brands on my Instagram @childhoodinteriorsbygemma. It’s a real passion of mine and it’s something I love to do in my spare time.

What started your path into interiors? The cost of labour and materials can be daunting for anyone so I completed a few interior tasks myself which I loved and was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. It gave me the confidence to take on all DIY and interior projects in my home.

Can you tell us about your home and interior style? I find this question really tricky. I think at heart I’m a traditionalist but I like to add a bit of personality to each project. Each project has to have something that surprises everyone.

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What do you want your home to feel like and why? I’ve always wanted a warm and welcoming home. It’s a place where everyone can relax and put their feet up. We live in a rural location so most guests have to make a long journey to visit us. There’s a space for everyone and everything is catered for - - - sometimes it’s a bag of chips and a can of juice or it’s a three-course meal with a wow factor tablescape. There are no rules and everyone is greeted with a hug.

What window dressing would you recommend for different interior styles? I think every style can have any type of window dressing. What makes me decide on curtains, blinds or something else is the function and needs of the room. Take my bedroom, for example, I want it to be cosy so I’d choose heavy-lined curtains that create a warm and dark environment for sleeping. My daughter’s bathroom doesn’t need any window dressing but I chose to add a roman blind. I added the blind because it added interest and framed the window beautifully.

The Fabric

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Made-to-measure over already made? Already-made can be super convenient but really hard to get right. My windows are not a standard size so I’d always need to alter them anyway, so buying made-to-measure ensures that I get exactly what I want and need for each window. The freedom to personalise my designs for each space is what makes made-to-measure so perfect!

Any tips for keeping homes warm and cosy this winter? I always advise my clients to warm up their homes by purchasing heavy, floor-length curtains and large rugs. I don’t think people realise how amazing floor-length curtains are for keeping out draughts.

Quickfire questions —

A favourite corner of your home?

I love sitting on my sofa watching the children play in their playroom. The view beyond that is also incredible. The patio doors look out to the Cairngorm Mountain Range.

Are you relaxed, classic, linen or luxe fabrics and why?

I’m classic cotton or wool. I love the structure/texture of both. Cotton is easy to keep crease-free and wool is luxurious and warm.

What do you do to get your home ready for guests as we go into the festive season?

This is a huge passion of mine. I would start a huge cleanup and de-clutter in November. Every weekend on the run-up to Hogmanay is spent with friends and family. The home is adorned with fairy lights, blankets and candles. I create elaborate tablescapes and enjoy a cocktail or two with friends!

Curtains or blinds?

It all depends on the space - if it’s for dressing a window with plenty of space, I’d choose floor-length curtains. If the room requires furniture or storage near the window, I’d pick space-saving roman blinds.

Your favourite Stitched fabrics…

I love Wool fabrics and it would be a dream to have a set in my home. I love my Upcycled Cotton curtains in my dining room, the structure and texture are perfect for the room. I’d also love to purchase a striped fabric for my bathroom, I’m currently saving up for that project. Hard to choose - I think it’s evident that I loved all of my samples from Stitched!

Gemma's Top Fabric Picks

Before she made a decision, Gemma ordered a Stitched sample pack. Here's a selection of what she picked...