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Millie's home

Beach, Cotton Weave

Love Island star Millie Grace Court shares with us her house-to-home journey as she redecorates her bedroom. Millie chose Cotton Weave for her bedroom curtains.

Millie set out to create a stylish yet cosy space. Let’s take a look - - -

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About Millie's Curtains + Blinds

Fabric Beach, Cotton Weave

Feel Scandi-chill

Room Type Living Room

Can you tell us a bit more about your home? “I didn’t realise how important curtains were until I moved into my own home and started decorating. We decorated the room with the furniture but it didn’t feel complete because the curtains weren’t right, until our Stitched curtains arrived. It completely transformed the room, brightened it up, made it look so clean and fresh.”

How would you describe your interior design style? “I wanted to go for a scandi vibe for our bedroom, with mixtures of neutral shades but also a touch of black. As much as I wanted the room to look stylish, it was important to me to have a super cosy feel and I think the curtains do exactly that.”

neutral bedroom curtains neutral bedroom curtains

The Fabric

Beach, Cotton Weave

A cool, fresh-feeling cotton fabric made from 100% natural fibres that comes in a range of mouth-watering colours.

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Millie’s go-to for design and interior inspiration was Pinterest. Your favourite room to relax, chill and feel at home? “I spend the most time in my bedroom and living room - it’s where I feel so cosy and at home. It’s hard to feel ‘at home’ when you’ve just moved into a new house but these rooms are exactly how I like.”

Do you have a favourite space? “Depends on the time of day. We read and hang out in the lounge, but cooking, eating and hosting our friends in the kitchen is a huge part of our lives. I start and end the day in a bedroom that is purposefully calm and stripped-back in comparison to the rest of the house.”

Millie's Sample Pack

Before she made a decision, Millie ordered a Stitched sample pack. Here's a selection of what she picked...