Stitched Guide to Curtains and Blinds

At Stitched, we know how difficult it can be to understand the world of curtains + blinds, which is why we’ve created a handy guide to help! Pooling? Headings? Don’t worry, you’ll be an expert on all things curtains and blinds in no time (and if not, there’s no harm in asking).

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Don’t know where to start?

First, the big question: curtains or blinds? Here are a few things to keep in mind...


Transparent roller blinds or a sheer layered curtains can both work well to allow in light, but keep out unwanted eyes.

A good night's sleep?

For the best blackout, choose curtains!
Top tip: for better blackout install your pole 20cm either side and above your window.

Need to keep the cold out?

Wool-based fabrics have great thermal properties, curtains are the best for single glazed windows. Take a look at our wool range

Looking for a new style?

Curtains + blinds are a great way of freshening up tired interiors, we would recommend using plain fabrics so they don’t date.


pink heading


The heading determined how the curtain will hang, and has a huge impact on the look and style. Feel free to have a play around with the Stitched fun 3D tool to see all the headings in action. We’ll happily advise you on the benefits of each style of heading so you can be sure to get the perfect one!


Pooling is the word used for the amount of fabric that gathers on the floor at the foot of your window. Made to measure curtains are made with an extra 5cm, as floors are often a little wonky here in the UK. If you want a more ‘glam’ look - “generous” pooling is the one for you - where 12cm of fabric is added to the bottom of the curtain to create a luxurious look.

Pole or Track

This is a big one.. and is totally personal preference. Curtains hang on poles or on tracks. Essentially poles have visible rings, whereas tracks have internal sliders.


A lining is an extra layer of fabric added to curtains or roman blinds. Now yet again; it’s not quite as simple as yes or no. So you can have unlined and celebrate the fabric simply as is, or get interlined to give insulation and a fuller feel. Find details of the different types of interlining here


roller blinds
green blinds

First thing's first... roller or roman?

Roller blinds are great at controlling light, for both blackout and privacy. At Stitched, a popular option is pairing transparent rollers with colourful curtains - a great way to keep your homes private without blocking natural light. You can also double up a blackout roller and a blackout curtain, for maximum blackout effect (particularly useful for East facing windows!)

Roman blinds are a softer version of the roller blind, folding up into neat pleats when the blind is open. Roman blinds are more popular as they suit most room schemes and can add be used to add a splash of colour to your room

Inside or outside the recess?

A recess is when a window is set back from the main wall. To increase natural light, we always recommend installing your blind “outside” of the recess.

And what about lining?

When you have picked your fabric, you then have to pick your lining. Roman blinds can be unlined, although best suited for thicker fabrics so they don’t look thin or flimsy

Lining options are:
Lined: A layer of cotton fabric is stitched to the back of the blind, giving a nicely tailored finish
Blackout lined: A blackout lining is stitched to the back of the blind, blocking any sunlight
Bonded: This padded lining adds weight to the blind which gives it a luxurious look (available in blackout too!)

Still not sure?

Contact the team and we’ll talk you through it.