Installing your Stitched curtains and blinds with Plentific

Simply tick the "Get installation quote" box in the Cart. Stitched will send your name, delivery address, email address, contact telephone number and the details of your order to Plentific.

Plentific will send you an email with login details to the Plentific dashboard from which you will receive quotes from "Pros" registered with Plentific. Through the Plentific dashboard you can message "Pros" who have quoted for your job, review "Pros" profiles (including other customers' reviews), chat to the team at Plentific, arrange your installation date, accept quotes and make payments.

Important things to remember when using Plentific?

(1) Use "Verified Pros": By using a "Verified Pro" you will benefit from the "Plentific Guarantee" which will protect any deposit payment made and ensure that your installation is completed

(2) Clear job description: Make sure you provide "Verified Pros" as much information as possible about your installation, including any potential difficulties (e.g. if you have old plaster where your curtain pole will be installed)

(3) Discuss experience: Confirm with your "Verified Pro" that he/she has specific experience installing curtains and blinds similar to your job

(4) Check customer reviews: Whilst Plentific checks things like: "Verified Pros" are who they say they are, public liability insurance cover, online reputation and customer reviews, your installation contract is with the "Verified Pro", so make sure you are comfortable with your choice.

(5) Cosmetic touch-ups: It is common when installing curtains and blinds for minor cosmetic damage to be caused. “Pros” will do their best to minimise cosmetic damage, however it is advisable to keep a small pot of paint the same colour as your walls to touch up any marks etc.

Fitting Disclaimer

Curtain and blind fitting can be complicated, depending on the windows you are covering, the age of your house and the way it was built. Thin plaster, old brickwork, steel support beams can make it difficult to install your new curtains and blinds.

At the moment Stitched is unable to offer its own fitting service. That's why we've partnered with Plentific to make finding a curtain and blind fitter easier.

Whilst all bookings of "Verified Pros" made through Plentific benefit from an insurance backed guarantee, the quality of fitters varies. When booking fitters we strongly advise that you:
• use "Verified Pros" only
• clearly describe your job (including any anticipated difficulties)
• check all customer reviews
• seek comfort that your preferred "Pro" has sufficient fitting experience to carry out your job.
If you have are unsure about booking a "Pro" we recommend you contact Plentiful directly for assistance.

By selecting "Get Installation Quotes" at the checkout you authorise Stitched to pass your order details and personal information to Plentific (including your name, residential address, email address and phone number) and you acknowledge, that we are unable to accept any liability for loss or damage resulting from services provided to you by any third party installer or other service provider (including any installation services or any other service provided).

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