Co-Founder of Five Boys Clothing, wife + mother to 3 little people and Gecko the cat. She lives in West London.


Taffeta co-founded Five Boys Clothing in 2014 and since then her sitting room has become a stock room, her kitchen is now the playroom and her bedroom, her sanctuary. A place of grown up calm. After deciding on Hague Blue (Farrow & Ball) walls, Taffeta wanted an injection of fun. The brief given was BRIGHT, ENERGETIC and LOW MAINTENANCE. With guidance from our Design team, Taffeta chose Calypso, in Wool. A bright, sassy colour that brings an adult playfulness into her bedroom. The colour has a 'get up and go' element to it, and the fabric is Wool, a super low maintenance fabric. No need to press, dress and steam daily - these curtains look after themselves.

Wool, Calypso

Having three smaller pairs of curtains creates a dramatic feel, with colour cutting through the room at even intervals. The generous pooling gives a luxurious look.

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