Graphic Designer living in South East London, with a busy life but a quiet home.

Kane's curtains

Kane is a man of many talents. A graphic designer by trade, he is also one of the founding team of Piccolo. Work, travel and life keeps him busy. Kane wanted a pair of curtains that reflected his personality... bright, fun, eco-conscious whilst being a feature in the room, but without being the main centre of attention. Originally interested in blue, heavily patterned fabrics, once he had consulted with our design team, Kane was quick to fall in love with Upcycled Silk, Empire Yellow. It is a glorious deep yellow, made from upcycled silk that has a subtle dobby weave through. He loved it so much, that he had matching cushions made too!

Upcycled Silk, Empire Yellow

A cartridge heading is a classic, yet modern heading. When drawn, cylinders are formed that run seamlessly from the pleat into the main body of the curtains.

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